Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sidebusting On Other Pop-up Galleries

We tried to cause art trouble with the rest of the pop-up galleries at Chalk the Block:

We commissioned the pop-up gallery next door,
desingER -- a UTEP group --
 lead by David Padilla,
with Gustavo Gottfried, Belinda Mosher,and Yvonne Martinez --
to make a poster for our pop-up print show.

*designER poster*

No Roosters were Harmed 
in the Production of this Poster
We are commissioning 
to make a large silk screen of that design.

was at the UTEP -- BLAST OFF pop-up gallery,
and invited Marcus Robiason to do a chalk art piece there.
DO Art was also in that 2nd floor space.

CUADRO pop-up 
gave out free lemonade on the street,
made from Pancho Villa's trigger finger,
like in front of our pop-up gallery here,
as part of their art project.
UTEP's Ruben Center and LA's Machine Project
were sharing the Cuadro space

At the CUADRO pop-up
Tanya had her nails done
in an art confessional booth

Maintain was at "Borderlines 2nd Floor Contemporary Gallery" pop-up  --

We are interested in producing silkscreen prints
Maintain has been a fixture at Chalk the Block pop-up galleries,
and inspired us to both buy prints,
and bring others to El Paso.

The Billion Jelly Bloom from San Francisco,
walked past our pop-up gallery

Performance at The Shell
a pop-up gallery two doors down

Marcus Robiason
in front of his framed small print,
holding a fresh new larger print

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