Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tathagata Coffee -- Santa Fe

We hung the YayBig Print Exchange at Tathagata Coffee in Santa Fe, on October 4th, 2016.  It ran through December 21st, 2016.  We were very pleased to show in Trevor's coffee shop.

Tathagata Coffee Open Hours (55 Canada del Rancho, Santa Fe):

Monday-Friday, 7 am - 2 pm (closed sometimes in late morning, while Trevor teaches an art class)
Saturday 8 am - 2 pm
Sunday closed

Our prints next to the big gong

artist and owner of Tathagata Coffee,
in front of the lithograph 
he did at Tamarind Institute

Hanging the print show,
on a tripod

Artwork by Karsten Creightney,
hangs with the YayBig Print Exchange.
Karsten is a great printmaker from Albuquerque

Tathagata Coffee --  55 Canada del Rancho -- is located in a quieter part of Santa Fe, on the "other side of the Interstate" from the Plaza and most of the activity.  However, it is near the Santa Fe Community College and the Institute of American Indian Art:

 Tathagata Coffee

Tathagata Coffee
at the end of Rancho Viejo Blvd

Ad in the November issue of
THE Magazine of Santa Fe

Federico Villalba from El Paso,
in front of his print (horse image).
Federico did the above ad in THE Magazine

I'm also looking forward to getting a Conrad E9 press to bring in before the exhibition is over.  

Currently Robert Williams, founder of Juxtapoz Magazine, is also showing in Santa Fe, at CCA (until November 27th):

giving a gallery tour at CCA in Santa Fe,
on September 24th

I also have another print show going on concurrently in November.  Mexican pop-surreal serigraphs at ACE Barbershop in downtown Albuquerque (109 4th St SW).

This serigraph by Smithe 
Smithe is featured in this month's issue of 
Hi-Fructose (Volume 41, November 2016)


Also we moved our Portland print show from Tucson to El Paso.  The mostly serigraph prints hanging are made by artists from Flight 64.

Call for Horned Toad Print Exchange II

More printmaking!!! Manuel Guerra just put the call out for the second Horned Toad print exchange.

Below are screen shots from his website:

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all printmaking artists worldwide.

PRINTMAKING MEDIA: Any traditional printmaking technique: Relief, Lithography, Intaglio, Serigraphy, Letterpress, or a combination of any of these. No digital, please.

PRINT DIMENSIONS: Paper size strictly 8” x 10” (20.3cm x 25.4cm) no larger or smaller. Printed area can be any size that fits within these dimensions.

EDITION SIZE: Each participant must submit ten prints (10) all numbered, titled, signed, and dated. You may also include preferred contact information on the back of each print for networking. Each artist will receive via mail eight (8) prints in exchange and two (2) prints will be kept for the 2016-2017 Horned Toad Prints exhibitions.

PARTICIPATION FEE: $20 U.S. dollars (this fee covers shipping, exhibition materials, and promotion). We currently accept PayPal and/or checks only.


Saturday, December 3, 2016
Registration will not be complete until payment is received. We accept PayPal and checks.

Saturday, May 6, 2017
Please note that this is NOT a postmark deadline. The prints must be received by this date.


Time to get busy again,
like Horned Toad Prints did 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Yuma -- Western Arizona

Both print exchanges are being shown at a branch of Western Arizona College --  Alicia Valdez San Luis Learning Center -- in San Luis, Arizona, just below Yuma.. The show was hung on Friday, May 6th, 2016, and went on through August.

"Art Curiosity and Secrets (Art Club) lent a hand hanging the show, 
Daniel, Jossy (not pictured), Vanessa, Everardo, Jose, and Elizabeth. 
they rocked it out!"

of Western Arizona College

Jules Floss received the prints on May 2nd, 2016..  She is an art professor at that branch of Western Arizona University, and her print is in the Horned Toad Print Exchange.  She also co-directs the international Dialogos E Interpretaciones print exchange, which our print exchanges were modeled after.  We are very excited that she is showing both print exchanges.

receiving the two print exchanges
in her office


Meanwhile, I had heard that art was happening in Mexicali.  So I drove down Interstate 8, and crossed the border, landing in a silk screen studio at the Casa de Cultura of Mexicali, run by Maestro Roberto Figueroa.  I enjoyed the student work on the walls.

Cactus people mural in Mexicali

Monday, February 1, 2016

Juarez Contemporary Gallery

El Pueblo vs El Chuco
print exchanges

We had a great opening on Friday evening, January 29th, at the Juarez Contemporary Gallery in Mexico, just across the river from El Paso.  Both the YayBig and Horned Toad print exchanges exhibited together again.

The exhibit runs from January 29th - March 22nd  .

Federico Villalba, photographer,
had a print in the YayBig Print Exchange

Martin Quintanilla (right with hat)
came from Tucson
to see his print exhibited

Yorch and Pilo,
Juarez artists from the 
Rezizte Colectivo and Colectivo Jellyfish, respectively.
Both artists have prints in the 
showing at the El Paso Museum of Art

Served by a young lady
wearing an Amor por Juarez shirt,
the organization that sponsors the gallery

Manuel Guerra and Krrrl 
speak about the two print exchanges

Krrrl representing the YayBig Print Exchange
duking it out with
Manuel Guerra, representing the Horned Toad Print Exchange

to Atenas Campbell (far left), 
Amor por Juarez Project Coordinator,
and Laura Turon (far right),
Executive Director of Amor por Juarez --
Juarez Contemporary gallery is a project of Amor por Juarez

Laura Turon did a great job 
designing the pamphlets

We were really impressed with, and awed by, the Juarez Contemporary Gallery.  Moreover, we would like to see work from the artists in Juarez, perhaps in a future print exhibit, on either side of the Rio Grande. Prints move easily enough to exhibit across the border, as well as in more distant places.

El Diario newspaper, of Juarez and El Paso, did an article on our exhibition in the Sunday, February 7th edition.  That was the same Sunday as Super Bowl 50:

A Walk through Juarez,
approaching the Juarez Contemporary Gallery

Walking over the Santa Fe Street Bridge from downtown El Paso into Juarez, then straight ahead on Juarez Ave, one encounters a huge mural of Juan Gabriel, singer and a favorite native son:

Mural painted by Damasco

Behind a sculpture by Jorge Marin
is the Juarez Cathedral

A statue of the comedian Tin Tan,
in front of a quiet tourist market.
Tin Tan is also a native son of Juarez.

Sculpture by 
competes with McDonalds signage

can be seen from across the border,
by a large part of El Paso

Prints on Both Sides of El Rio Grande!

More than a few of the artists in the YayBig and Horned Toad print exchanges, are also exhibiting at the El Paso Museum of Art, in the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition, from January 31st - May 22nd.