Saturday, May 2, 2015

Catalog now online

One can now buy the catalog online --  El Pueblo Viejo vs. El Chuco 2014 

Or view the catalog online for free on ISSUU:

We framed and exhibited the YayBig Print Exchange prints, along with those from the Horned Toad Print Exchange, and exhibited them in El Paso at the Chalk the Block art festival in 2014.  

The catalog also documents the big steam roller prints done at that Chalk the Block event, directed by Luis Valderas and Kim Bishop from Art to the Third Power in San Antonio (which were later shown at a museum in downtown San Antonio).

El Paso 2014, at Chalk the Block


We regret the passing of master lithographer Ernest de Soto, who was 92 years old when left us in December, 2014.  He made prints with Luis Cuevas, Rufino Tamayo, Luis Jimenez, and many many more.  Ernest reviewed all the YayBig prints one by one (and also viewed jpgs of the Horned Toad prints), and wrote the introduction to our catalog.

We were fortunate enough to buy one of Ernest's lithographs, and published it in our previous catalog -- YayBig Southwest Print Collection.  

Ernest de Soto's print,

We miss Ernest here in Tucson.

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