Monday, May 2, 2016

Yuma -- Western Arizona

Both print exchanges are being shown at a branch of Western Arizona College --  Alicia Valdez San Luis Learning Center -- in San Luis, Arizona, just below Yuma.. The show was hung on Friday, May 6th, 2016, and went on through August.

"Art Curiosity and Secrets (Art Club) lent a hand hanging the show, 
Daniel, Jossy (not pictured), Vanessa, Everardo, Jose, and Elizabeth. 
they rocked it out!"

of Western Arizona College

Jules Floss received the prints on May 2nd, 2016..  She is an art professor at that branch of Western Arizona University, and her print is in the Horned Toad Print Exchange.  She also co-directs the international Dialogos E Interpretaciones print exchange, which our print exchanges were modeled after.  We are very excited that she is showing both print exchanges.

receiving the two print exchanges
in her office


Meanwhile, I had heard that art was happening in Mexicali.  So I drove down Interstate 8, and crossed the border, landing in a silk screen studio at the Casa de Cultura of Mexicali, run by Maestro Roberto Figueroa.  I enjoyed the student work on the walls.

Cactus people mural in Mexicali