Monday, September 29, 2014

Tucson -- The Drawing Studio Exhibition

El Pueblo Viejo vs El Chuco -- Fine Art Print Exhibition

YayBig (Pueblo Viejo/Tucson) and Horned Toad  (Chuco/El Paso) Print Exchanges, showing together now, at The Drawing Studio in Tucson (33 S 6th Ave, downtown) -- Sept 27th - Oct 4th.

Reception:  First Saturday -- October 4th -- 6 - 8 PM

Music by Oddkin

Live Printing by Marcus Robiason

This is a show of two cities -- the YayBig (Tucson) and/vs the Horned Toad Prints (El Paso) print exchanges.  The YayBig solicited prints from Southwestern artists; and was based on the Horned Toad print exchange, which was more international, soliciting works from El Paso, overseas, and places in between.  Some artists are featured in both print exchanges.

This exhibition runs in two cities -- Tucson, at The Drawing Studio, Sept 27 - Oct 4th; and El Paso, during the Chalk the Block festival, Oct 10 - 12th.

Between the two collections, there are several master printmakers, including:  Andrew Rush, who founded The Drawing Studio in Tucson, Eli Levin who founded the Santa Fe Etchers Club, Danny Martin of Tucson, Jules Floss and Brandon Sanderson from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Malaquias Montoya at TANA (UC Davis), and Manuel Guerra of the University of Texas at El Paso.  We thank all the great talents that gave us their work and visions to make two strong print exchanges.

Print exchanges are about sharing amongst artists.  Each artist contributed an edition of 15 prints to the YayBig Print Exchange, and receives 13 different prints back.  Two prints remained with the organizers for exhibition purposes.  The Horned Toad Prints Print Exchange solicited an edition of 8 prints, and gave each participant back 7 different prints.  


YayBig Print Exchange organizer -- Joe Marshall
Horned Toad Prints Print Exchange organizer -- Manuel Guerra
Exhibition Curator -- Tanya Rich
Art Agitator -- Krrrl

Update:  Ernest de Soto looked at the prints and wrote the following for our upcoming catalog:

"Here is a good, wide selection of styles, personalities, and techniques. This work is very personal, well thought out; and the artists have developed individual styles very effectively. I'm very happy to have seen them, and I hope that this will encourage the artists to continue, and soon have one-person shows."

--Ernest de Soto
Printmaker and master lithographer (for Rufino Tamayo, Jose Luis Cuevas, Luis Jimenez, etc...)

master lithographer

Chano says:
"See the Print Exchange Exhibition"

Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Happening!

El Pueblo Viejo vs El Chuco -- Fine Art Print Exhibition

~El Pueblo Viejo~

to see the prints submitted
to our YayBig Print Exchange


~El Chuco~

to see the prints submitted 
to the Horned Toad Prints Print Exchange 
(at bottom of page)

El Paso

As we based the YayBig Print Exchange on El Paso's Horned Toad Prints Print Exchange, it's only natural that we show them together, in both cities:

  Tucson -- Sept 27 - Oct 4

  El Paso -- Oct 10 - 12

Woodblock  by Rudy Flores

All prints will be framed at Sarnoff's for exhibition

Howard Yoffe making prints 
at The Drawing Studio print room
in Tucson

Pulling prints at
in Tucson

Prints drying
at the Gloo Factory
in Tucson

"Taller sin Miedo"
studio of Gonzalo Espinosa
in Tucson

Tanya Rich printing at
el Taller sin Miedo

Printers getting busy at the 

Manuel Guerra
pulling prints in El Paso

Stack of prints
by Raul Monarrez

The Print Exchange exhibition
gets a little attention from

I commissioned a few big boxes from Caseworks
 for moving and storage framed prints

Tad packing our framed pieces

Tanya and Chano start hanging the first show
at The Drawing Studio in Tucson
(Wed, Sept 25th)

They will be doing Steam Roller prints when we go to Chalk the Block in El Paso (Oct 10 - 12).

Of course, all this evolved from the YayBig Southwest traveling print show. 

And the Dialogos E Interpretacions preceded both the Horned Toad Prints and YayBig, so in a sense is the grandfather print exchange.