Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chucotopia -- Preparing the show in El Paso

El Pueblo Viejo vs El Chuco -- Fine Art Print Exhibition

We are showing the two print exchanges in El Paso at their 7th Annual Chalk the Block arts festival downtown, Oct 10 -12:

Friday      October 10th -- 6 - 10 PM
Saturday  October 11th -- 10AM - 10 PM
Sunday     October 12th -- 11 AM - 3 PM

Our pop-up gallery is at 114 B  -- E Mills Ave -- bordering San Jacinto Plaza (which is under construction)

All the print exchange artworks are only 8 x 10 inches (before framing).

Heart of Downtown

All of the pop-up galleries

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This is the facade of our pop-up gallery,
on Monday, Oct 6th,
before we moved in

Clean up time...
Our prints will hang on the wall with the broom --
we are sharing this space with other artists 

Hanging the prints
on Thursday, Oct 9th

Almost ready for the opening
on Friday, October 10th

Special thanks to Hector Saenz, who is in charge of our space.

Our pop-up gallery was mentioned in What's Up magazine:

One such pop-up gallery, “El Pueblo Viejo vs. El Chuco — Fine Art Print Exhibition,” is a veritable showdown of artists from across the Southwest. The exhibit, born from a print exchange organized in Tucson, Arizona, and a print exchange organized in El Paso, will display 8-by-10-inch prints.

For the YayBig Print Exchange in Tucson, artists were asked to give 15 pieces of their work in exchange for 13 prints from other artists. Two prints were kept for the Chalk the Block exhibit. For the Horned Toad Press Print Exchange in El Paso, artists were asked to give eight pieces of their work in exchange for seven prints from other artists. In each exchange, one print was kept for display at Chalk the Block.

“We are very proud of the quality of both collections, and should exhibit up to 60 prints total — 32 from YayBig and 28 from Horned Toad,” said Tucson artist and Albuquerque native Karl Whitaker, who will be bring the Arizonian art to the Chalk the Block. “I think it’s very exciting to see these print initiatives coming from the Southwest, and hope that this sparks more printmaking from our region, so that we can share our visions with the rest of the world.”


Two of the Tucson artists in our YayBig Print Exchange --  Ruben Urrea Moreno and Marcus Robiason -- are going to sneak in and do some steam roller prints with the main San Antonio and El Paso printmaking crews.  Art to the Third Power (ART3) , from San Antonio, are the master steam roller printers.  Their project for Chalk the Block is called "Texas Sized Breach."

Marcus Robiason of Tucson

(We also sent one of Marcus' other drawings to Reviver Printing in Las Cruces to make an edition of  25, larger silk screen prints)

Ruben Urrea Moreno of Tucson

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